Weather stuff?

Had a pretty awesome storm here on Monday and decided to turn a 2 hour storm into a 2 minute fast clip over some music. I don’t know, I thought it was pretty entertaining. Especially when the trash cans were dragged down the street lol



Instagram giveaway!

Hey guys – totally forgot to mention that I have a giveaway going on with my Instagram. Won’t you check it out?


Tsareena GX Box

Hello again!

If you saw the last post, I saw I’ll be opening a box I got for 50% off. Well here it is! A Tsareena GX promo box. It was on clearance at Gamestop and all clearance is 50% off right now and that’s where they got me. I wasn’t going to purchase it but since opening this box, I definitely am happy 🙂

Check it out

Happy 4th of July!!!

I hope you all have a great day and have a lot of fun with whatever it is your doing. Please stay safe and hydrated as well! Look out for a video a little later today as I open up an awesome, lit box I got for half off!

Stay cool!



June’s Giveaway Results are LIVE!


6 Pack Power Box

Here’s the latest video! I just realized this is basically 6 boosters I could’ve bought but have an extra card. Totally could’ve came in a smaller box though with that promo not flopping around everywhere. Anywho, totes loved what I got anyway.


Working on some things

Ello friends!

I have been working on a few things recently and I think we are almost ready to unveil and announce them. I don’t know why I say we, cause this is kind of only me… but whatever.

I teased a website way back when where you can go on a purchase cards for sale. I have lots of cards in my collection but I feel like them just sitting there really isn’t helping anyone. And some of these cards are kind of pricey so I figured I can let them go for a lot cheaper than some other sellers or stores out there. I really want to make things fair while maybe making an extra buck or two. I know we all don’t have excess amounts of funds to enjoy our hobbies and that really is something I want to be able to help with.

For example, maybe a card worth $10, I’d sell for like $6 or something like that. Trust me, it’d be plenty cheap. I want to see how this works out for everyone and hopefully we can have our community grow here.

I am also thinking about producing my own subscription box full of Pokemon goodies. Who wouldn’t want that!?

There’s lots of ideas in the works and I am working hard at it with very little actual time to spend on it, ha! So it’s a struggle. I want to be able to get everything running smoothly in time for the holidays.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a sneak peak on what I’m up to.

See you later!