Breakthrough / Breakpoint pulls

Let me start off by saying (this being my first pull blog post and all) that you’ll never hear me bash the packs or pulls that I get. I LOVE Pokemon and I LOVE collecting these cards so if luck wasn’t on my side and I don’t get a “great” pull, I’m not going to get mad. These cards are all so bad ass and I enjoy just having them.

So with that said, let’s get to the pulls!

From the Breakthrough pictured below, my Rare was a non-holo Abomasnow, my reverse holo was a Remoraid, and I also pulled a Froakie! These look so awesome! If you are getting to know me, you know I LOVE getting starter Pokemon. So to me, this pack was awesome!

Just look at that adorable Froakie being so tough!


Pictured below, you’ll see some pulls from my Breakpoint booster. My Rare was a non-holo Seismitoad, reverse holo was an Espurr and OMG! I pulled ANOTHER Froakie!

I think these two boosters were meant to be. One had a fighting Froakie, the other has this peaceful looking one just chillin’ by the water. I love the artwork and how he has his little foot splashing about. AH!

Okay, enough of that girlishness.


Thank you so much for reading!


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