Hoopa, Pikachu, Chespin Collector’s Chest!

Hey what’s up blog peoples? OMG what I have in store for you right now! At this very moment, I am uploading the videos of me cracking into this very tin:


And you would not BELIEVE the pulls that I got from it. I really enjoyed what this item had to offer. You can find it at Wal-Mart or Target (at least those or the places I’ve seen it) for $24.99 each. It sounds much for a ‘lunchbox’ but you get SO much. For example: 5 Booster packs or varying sets, pencils, notepad, stickers and promo cards! What more WIN can you ask for? I loved every second of doing this video…I may have gotten way too excited. Is there a such thing?

Anyway! I will post my pulls here some time after my video is done uploading so we can get some more one on one time with them but in the mean time, just look out for it! Oh, and here’s the little goodies aside from the boosters you get in the tin:


Thanks for reading!


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