…about that ‘Ultimate Pin Collection’ box

So I learned a few things with that video:

  1. Pop packs are the 3-card sampling packs for the set.
  2. The promos + pin was definitely worth 10 bucks

I mean, WHAT THE FUCK. I nearly popped an eye, stroke, and broke my arm all at the same time! That would be the sole reason I probably wouldn’t buy a box like this again. I think the trouble with the box would scare a lot of people away… but again, those promos… ack! I don’t know now!

As a collector, I would endure such pain again. But as a NORMAL member of society…well.

Anyway! Those were some pretty rockin’ promos if I do say so myself. You know I’m kind of a sucker for promo cards. They just have that little bit of more special-ness to them. Especially that Shiftry. I’ve always like that guy. So shifty…and stuff.


I don’t think I’d have to mention why I love the Samurott so much…but I’m gonna. It’s an AWESOME STARTER! YAY! Who would have thunk that someone like Oshawott would turn into some awesome samurai-walrus dude like Samurott! Totally and insanely amazing.

Although I’m sort of disappointed that this version of him doesn’t know Razor Shell. That is the supreme move. Does any Samurott version have it? Please tell me…please!?


Thanks for reading!


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