Grab bag pulls

So if you follow my blog, you’d remember when I teased some grab bags I bought from an antique shops called the Brass Armadillo. And they do have several locations throughout the US. Click on that link and it will take you to their website and hopefully, you’ll be able to find something cool!

Each pack was 1.99 with 15 cards and guaranteed rare. That’s not a bad deal at all. And besides, I am a deep sucker for grab bags. Make some and I’ll probably buy it. I love the mystery behind it and most of the time I can get some really old cards. That’s also what I’m into.

Last night I went ahead and opened those grab bags and definitely loved what I got out of them. They had so many different sets, some of which I hadn’t even seen before. (Keep in mind, I haven’t collected in 15 years). I’m really glad I decided to pick them up and I will be going to get more soon. They’re definitely worth it. At least for me!

Check out my YouTube, you can find the link above. I will try to have the video up shortly and then following that, I will follow up with my pulls.

Thanks again for reading!



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