20 Dollar Tree Sample Packs

Yes, you read right. I got 20 of them. 3 cards per pack and got 3 Breakthrough and 17 Breakpoint! Why? I simply just wasn’t paying attention when I was going through the box grabbing them. šŸ˜€

Going to be fun opening these packs. I’ve heard that you can indeed score some Ultra Rares/Rares in these packs. I’ve also seen people claiming to pull EX’s, too. We will have to see. It sounds like these are definitely going to rely on a lot of luck to pull some of those rarer ones. I’ll just be happy to be able to add to my collections without really breaking the bank.

I’ve gone through a few Dollar Tree stores and was able to accumulate the 20. The picture here shows the first 7 that I was able to find. I found out the Dollar Tree closest to me was virtually untouched. Go figure. I guess I will have to make that my one stop shop for these. I will put them with the ‘grab bags’ tag unless I keep doing more videos on them. I haven’t decided yet, though, so I will keep you posted.

Hope you enjoy the video once it posts!



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