2015 B/W 3-2-1 Blister Pack

Happy Friday!

I got a treat! I got one of those blister packs with Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres on it! (FYI, totally forgot to snap a picture of it before I came onto the computer and I am too lazy to go take one to upload, so have a stock photo).


I haven’t seen these in stores? Possible because it’s a little old. It did come out last year so I believe it’s only available online for the time being. Either that, or I’m totally looking in the wrong places.

Nonetheless, what I’m excited about is to grab those 3 legendary birds right there. They are pretty much OG and from my constant researching, they came from the Next Destinies set, which was released in 2012. BOOM! Totally awesome. So I’m going to be getting some pretty dope cards from the time I missed out after not collection. I have 15 years to make up for here.

It comes with 1 Plasma Storm and 1 Plasma Freeze packs, which were released in 2013. I’m learning quite a lot. So I hope these pulls are going to be sweet.

Oh, shout out to my sister for picking this blister up for me. She actually ordered them online and surprised me with them when they came in. Whoop!

Video coming in a few!


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