How about that Charizard EX Box?

Did you see the video yet? OMG. Follow this link to check it out now. I’ll wait.

Can you believe it? I am seemingly getting very lucky with a few of my last pulls. I really hope that holds up, man! I am getting so anxious to open up the next thing I have in store because I’ve been in such luck! I need to go out for some air or something I think. Phew. Maybe the boxes with the good stuff always call out to me and I have to respond…I Don’t know how I do it.

Check out these amazing promo Charizard cards if you haven’t yet:


They are insane! I mean, who thinks of making over-sized jumbo cards? They are a really neat addition to any collection. I’ve seen a few more boxes like these out there so now I really can’t wait to get my hands on some more. It’s just so cool.

Now, I also pulled a Venasaur EX and a Kangaskhan EX as well. Those are extremely good looking cards. Sometimes I wish I played the actual card game because Kanga would kick some major ass. Just LOOK at him.


I mean, both of them would be a major addition anyway and at 180Hp? They can really take a beating before you’d have to deal with them being knocked out. So cool.

And another rare I pulled was a holo-Trevenant. This Pokemon legit kind of scares me like I said in the video. I had never seen him before I started XY on the 3DS and when I ran into him, I didn’t know what to think. It was a surprise to see. He just looks freaky!

I also had to shout the reverse holo-Pidgeotto I got because he is one of my all time favorites. 🙂


I have some changes coming to the way I do the online codes for you so please make sure you check back soon for that update.


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