Grab Bag Sunday Ex Cube Results

Well, that was cool! If you haven’t had the chance to check out the video, just follow the link here for it.

That Mega Lucario though. Wasn’t that little figure sick? Man, let’s just have another close up at it!


So, so sick. He’s probably doing like Quick Attack or something, yeah? He’s fast as hell, I wouldn’t doubt it.

What part did you enjoy? I know some of you probably would’ve found those boosters to be a bust because there weren’t any rare holos but meh. Not in it for that man. I just love collecting! Plus, I got that really awesome Venasuar and Gyrados, remember? That’s got to count for something even if they were ‘staged’. I guess, just coming with the cube. Still really awesome cards to have.

I did find out what those symbols were, though! Apparently Venasaur is part of a Pop Pack, Series 2 and Gyrados is from the HeartGold/SoulSilver set. I heard so much about the last one, I never thought I would see it because everything I’ve read is that they’re hard to find. Woo! I got two very cool cards, generations apart.


And lastly, we can’t forget that promo Garchomp EX, right? He’s just badass too!


Thanks for reading!


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