Grab bag Sunday?

Well, might as well get to it, eh?

Remember when I was playing around with the idea of a schedule? Well, here’s the first attempt. It’s called ‘Grab Bag Sunday’ where every Sunday I will be opening up some type of grab bag-esque thing… not sure how many different types are out there but I guess I know I can have my fallback ones with the dude at Brass Armadillo.

This episode, I will be opening one of them EX Figure Cubes. I think that’s grab bag-gy enough, yes? As you can read the tag below, there is 1 figure, 2 boosters, 10 common cards and a few foils. You never know what you’re going to get when they vaguely tell you what’s in there… that’s kind of my definition of grab bag. Totally big chance it will carry past generation sets!

I’m excited. Will post the video soon!



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