A little online codes update


What we should all know by now (and what I completely spaced about), we are unable to redeem online codes for the TCGO. Totally sorry for the codes posting today BUT I do hope some of you guys wrote them down and are eagerly waiting for when the redemption comes back online. That’s kind of exciting. I’m not going to take them down just for that reason.

Now, I have pushed back the other codes until the 21st so this doesn’t happen again. I want to do a special shout out as well for blog follower Shaun who pretty much has been keeping me up to date. Thanks brother! I do appreciate it.

Also! I have some changes to the code postings!

As you know, I am posted those codes at 1pm, 2pm and sometimes 3pm, AZ time. I have decided to change that. I know, I’m making so many changes so quick but in my defense, we are still really new to this together so I’m trying to find the best way to make sure everyone has equal chance to get some free codes.

From now on, I am going to post codes in two waves. So the first wave would be targeted for those who can visit the blog earlier and it’ll be between 1pm and 2pm , Arizona time. The second wave will be posted between 6pm and 7pm. That way, we can have those who have work or school that can’t normally check the blog during the day be able to check it later in the day for a code.

So there you have it! Not necessarily a big or complicated change, just different times. There will be up to 4 codes a day so plenty of you will be able to coordinate accordingly. Hope this helps some of you get one!

Thanks for reading!



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