I knew that I always liked Mewtwo…

Are you FLIPPIN’ kidding me? DID you even SEE the video? Click this link to check it out.

Holy insane in the membrane, Batman! I don’t think I’ve had better pulls than this on any box openings so far. This had got to be the best… I might even go back and look at all my videos just to be double sure. But CRAP that was a good one. Let’s review!

Hot out the box, we have the MEGA Mewtwo Y figurine. And that itself was great.


I don’t know man, I actually prefer to use Mega Mewtwo X in the games but this figurine is making me reconsider. He just looks so badass and confident and majestic… am I falling over a Mewtwo trick here? Makes me want to go watch the Mewtwo movie, too. Ah… there’s a reason this dude is the best Pokemon out there… and yes, you are wrong if you think different. Here’s a shot of Mega Mewtwo X and Y side by side:


I think the makers try to make it a point to display Mewtwo the most badass-ness they can. I mean, seriously… he IS the best. And it shows in her cards/promos. Like the one that came with this box:


Here he is about to mess up some MF’er that probably owes him money. You can’t get away from Mewtwo, man. Don’t even try. You will fail.

Are we going to talk about those pulls though? Where do I even start off. VERY first pack from this collection, I pulled a Primal Groudon EX… I mean, are you joking? This has got to be a set up right? Remember how much I flipped out when I pulled my first Primal Groudon EX? I can’t even being to believe how I managed to do it again in a different set. Here’s a shot of the two next to each other. The one on the right is from Primal Clash and the one on the left I just pulled from Ancient Origins… beautiful.


And we can’t even stop there, can we? Oh no! Not only did Primal Groudon EX come to the party, we have Deoxys and Registeel, too! Both, my firsts.


Also got me a Florges BREAK card… I know a little bit ago I was asking what BREAK cards did… I’m still asking and I said that I would research… well yeah I haven’t done that either. So I really need to get with that. They are just awesome cards to look at anyway. Really cool idea with the sideways and the gold and whatnot. Phew.


And then we have Mr Main Event himself: Mewtwo EX.


I mean, this box was completely awesome to work with. Definitely had some great content. I was/am always hesitant in buying cards online cause you can just never know if you will get ripped off. I am glad though that I went with it and had some amazing pulls to show. Maybe if I continue to do it, I will continue with the good quality. I just have to trust my gut, I’d guess.

But anyway, that’s again for reading and following.

More stuff to come later in the week.

Hope to open trades soon, too!


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