Maintenance should be over soon

*fingers crossed*

I’m kind of really excited for this maintenance to be over. I enjoy giving out the Pokémon TCGO codes for you guys and it’s highly annoying that I can’t do that. Grr. Hopefully there is no more extensions on this. So I guess we will see in a few soon. I’m constantly checking the game to make sure so hopefully we can help keep each other in the loop.



2 thoughts on “Maintenance should be over soon

  1. shaun says:

    Dude WTH? it’s really annoying. I feel violated by The Pokémon Company. First they suspend code redemption for 2 days, then they extend the suspension 1 extra day. Then they shut the whole thing down for maintenance 1 1/2 hours before they were supposed to put back up the code redemption. So now you cant even sign in lol FML. Dude thank you for keeping up with everything. glad to see you put effort for “us” subscribers.

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