So I heard you like it legendary

I know I usually post my videos during the day… but you know, work didn’t let that happen. Click this link to see my latest pulls video.

Do you like legendaries? I like legendaries… was this a legendary moment? I mean, a freakin’ Hoopa EX? Really? Me? What did I do to deserve this one? I must have made the Pokemon gods very happy especially with the luck I’ve been getting. I mean, this box didn’t have like a dozen EXs or like holos BUT it still have great pulls. I think that counts towards my luck here… now I REALLY can’t wait for Saturday when I open up the next box. (BTW, it’s Mega Aerodactyl EX).

And dude, really…I also get a Gallade EX? That counts too. AND it’s a Basic card. I thoroughly enjoy fully evolved Pokemon who are also Basic cards cause you don’t have to go through the trouble of pulling them during the game. And yes, I’m thinking about picking up the card game and actually playing. I feel it’ll be cool content to have.

All in all, I think it’s a good night.



7 thoughts on “So I heard you like it legendary

  1. shaun says:

    Dude, you dont play already? Pokemon TCG is pretty awesome. I play with my wife every now and then. You must have a sweet collection so you would have more fun. like Starsky said “Do it!”


    • Davi Voxy says:

      Lol I just recently started the online one. I had to relearn since I hadn’t played in so long. But I don’t have enough cards I’d like to have yet before deck building.


      • shaun says:

        lol you probably have a good online deck. code cards for days. good luck on the pulls and what s your user name i will add you? if you want send me the user name through email. thanks


  2. shaun says:

    One more time for that Hoopa EX Full Art. Oh My God. That art work is just soo sick man. My best pull was from Breakpoint 123/122 secret rare Red Gyarados Full art with Greninja and Manaphy on it. its such a beautiful card i pulled it last friday.

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