Wasn’t that a mega box?

Phew… I posted the video a little later than I wanted to. But if you haven’t seen it yet, click this link to check it out.

6 booster packs can take a lot of time. I was trying to go fast but not too fast and I was trying to not let it end cause, well, I love opening up Pokemon boosters! As you can tell from my very lame jokes in the vid.

If you’re looking for like secret rare or like mind blowing pulls, go somewhere else. I do know that lots of people are in it for those totally BOOM in your face cards but I love them all 😛

If you are still interested in seeing what I ended up getting here, keep reading.


First, I really love those over sized cards. They are really cool just to collect. You could like hang them up or whatever. They just make for a great addition. I need to pick up some page protector things to keep them solid. Aside from the oversized card, this box came with 3 different promos. It was 1 Aerodactyl EX, 1 MEGA Aerodactyl EX and then a spirt link to pretty much start the game with him if you pull it. Very cool combo they provide for you, I’d say.

And I do believe that this Mega Aerodactyl pin is the coolest looking one out of the pins I currently own. It’s magnifico! All the detail and stuff man… I tried to get a clear and close of a shot I could and this is what I came up with. But regardless of camera man work, this pin is definitely a favorite.


Although I didn’t pull any holo-rare cards, I still ended up with a bunch of great cards I didn’t already have. And the few that I did have, well that actually opens up room to trade those away.

I will be posting some sort of trade book up on my website (and here, of course) as soon as I am able to figure it out.

Here’s all the rares:


Completely digging that Tornadus.

Thanks for reading and keep it locked, you guys. Contest stuff coming soon.


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