Surprise Grab Bag! (Kinda)

Surprise! It’s only kind of a surprise cause you should know… we’re doing those Grab Bag Sundays now. I mean, it still could have been a surprise, right? Cause we’ve only had one of those so far? Anyway…

I didn’t really tease this opening like I usually tease my videos. I just felt like catching you off guard. Did it work? I sure hope it did. If it didn’t…well, can you please just act surprised anyway? Thanks! I knew I could always count on you! 😀

Did you get to see the video? Click this link to check it out.

I would like to again, give my brother in law a huge shout out. He has been great at supporting both my YouTube channel and blog and basically giving me content to use. So it’s been really nice of him.

I am not sure where he found this grab bag but as you know, I am totally into grab bag type things so I was not complaining one bit. As you saw in the video, it came with 25 cards and was guaranteed a holofoil card.

I can’t say I didn’t expect there to be energy cards, but I didn’t think it would be so many. By my count, there were about 12 different energy cards in the pack. Basically half of this grab bag was energies. Now, I don’t know about you but that’s kind of a jip. Especially if this costed more than $3. If it was $2.99, I think that’d be fair. So I do hope my brother in law didn’t spend too much on this.

Nonetheless, the cards I had gotten are really cool and I wouldn’t take them back. I was really surprised to find the reverse-holo though. That was not something I would expect from one of these.


Thanks for reading!


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