Does this make anyone else happy?

This is the front trading card area of Target.


And this is the board game area by the toys…


I mean is anyone else satisfied when they walk in and see how neat it all is? So organized. So civilized. So important. I just thought I’d share this awesome sight I was lucky enough to see.

Also picked up a new blister. More on that later.


6 thoughts on “Does this make anyone else happy?

  1. shaun says:

    ok this is how i found my 2 blister packs yesterday at target 1 flashfire and 1 black and white legendary treasures. look all the way at the bottom of the shelf and between the cracks of the shelfing booster packs fall down there from kids ransacking all the blister packs. dude they dont even sell those blister packs anymore i know to look there because i found dollar tree packs like that so try it man you may find treasure. i pulled the Zekrom gold secret rare card yesterday from my pack.


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