Blister pulls

I really felt good about that blister, you know? Check out this link for the video if you have not seen it yet.

It’s another great Tuesday in my world and I hope yours is going okay as well. We had another pull video up. Like I said in the video, I love blister packs with actual cards from sets instead of the ol promo ones simply because you get a chance to grab some rare cards without too much work in the process. And it’s like controlled, I guess is the right word, where you still have to chase the “bigger” rare cards.

From this blister, we got the Noivern, Flygon, and Hydreigon. All really cool to see.


And then out of the Ancient Origins pack, I was able to Tyranitar EX. You could tell I was kind of excited when I made that part of the video kind of dramatic, right? Heh..heh..


All in all, it was a good blister.


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