New couple of openings this week!

Hey guys! Here’s what’s coming up this week on the channel!

I finally got my hands on one of those new Ash-Greninja EX boxes. As you can see in the corner of the box, I got it from Gamestop. It was the last one they had so hopefully this one contains all of the goodies! Excited to take a stab at it later.


Next, we have this Hoopa EX Legendary Collection. I actually got this box online as part of my online binge. If you remember, I got my Charizard EX box online as well as the Mega Mewtwo Y Collection and both of those had great results. Hopefully, this one will turn out the same. I get lucky and find these boxes discounted so maybe that’s the key?

We will see.


Lastly, we have another grab bag Sunday! I bought this 100-card lot on Amazon from a user with a high rating. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was very hesitant but from the outside, it looks like the cards are real. Also says it includes 6 holo-foils. That doesn’t necessarily mean there are rares, but we will see!


Let’s have some fun this week!


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