These cards look better in person

So! Some repeats as far as a few different rares that were pulled but still managed to get some other pretty awesome cards too! For instance, the Salamence! LIKE BOOM! That was my head exploding. Have you seen the video? Click here for it.

I mean, that sucker is hard enough to get in the video games and I freakin’ pulled a holo-rare one. Talk about luck. Again, I bought this box online so I think that’s the secret to getting some pulls. I can’t begin to remember what I did before the internet was made for ordering Pokemon cards. Just wow.

Also, that full art holo Swampert? *insert wink eye thing*

These are some beautiful cards if I did say so myself.


I swear…this blog post has taken like 30 mins to write because I keep staring at those few cards… ah what the hell, a few more minutes…


Just check out the details on this Hoopa pin. When did these even start coming out? I totally love adding these things to the collection. I never really would’ve noticed these I don’t think when I was younger but these have really been amazing.

On top of those pulls, on top of that pin, I got those awesome promos… through the box, they looked legit but dude, when you pull them OUT of the box, the art is incredible. Definitely an awesome buy.


Which of those promos is your favorite?

Thanks for reading!


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