Fates Collide Pulls

Did you see that shit? The FIRST ever Fates Collide booster… I mean, for me at least. Jesus I was so excited if you couldn’t tell. Check out this link for the video if you haven’t seen it.

Yeah, I know it’s 20+ mins and I’m sorry. But there was a lot of stuff in the box that I had to go through so it was kind of worth it. The only annoying thing was that I was saying how much I wanted to make it fast lol. That didn’t happen.

But those pulls though…

I love this collection. It was a great idea. IDK why I didn’t buy an elite box before. The other one out was the gyarados one…I’ll probably end up doing that one another day.

Here’s the pulls… all the rares first:


Freakin’ Genesect EX full art for my first pack ever. That’s so sweet man. Ugh. Also that Lucario, Delphox, Lugia BREAK… so many awesome pulls from these packs. Might put that reverse-holo of Marowak up for grabs as well. Anyone want to trade? Lol.

Here’s a close up of some of my favorite pulls…


I wonder if they’ll ever make a Psychic Delphox. I think it’d be pretty bad ass, actually. She can get some of her Psychic moves.

I hope I’ll be able to get some more Fates Collide soon. This collection is so awesome so far.

Thanks for reading!



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