Cool blister pulls!

Check out the video from the Umbreon promo blister here.

A lot of people might call those boosters I got “duds” because I didn’t get any like super rares or holos but I enjoyed those pulls. There were definitely cards I’ve never had before so in my quest to fill up some pages in my collection, there were definitely some great things that happened with this blister.

Here’s a recap:


First, we have the 3 reverse holos and 3 non-holo rares I pulled. The rare cards I have not picked up before so I’m glad those came my way. And then I got a really shiny looking Blitzle too, being all cute and chillin’.

And here’s the Umbreon promo close up:


It’s just so pretty. Mr XY96 is a good-lookin card. Can we play promo cards in the actual TCG?

Thanks for reading!

And get ready for the second video of the day!


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