Is this real life?

I mean… is it? Did you see the INSANE amount of pulls I just got from this box? Oh why did I wait to do this video?! I’m sorry, Pokemon gods, if you’re watching…

If you have not had the chance to check out the video yet, just click on this link. It’s about 10 mins long.

So…the pulls…like, I was blessed right? The Pokemon gods looked down on me and declared that I would possess those cards…it’s just surreal. I feel like I’m dreaming, right?

4 boosters, broken down to 1 Ancient Origins, 1 Breakthrough and 2 Breakpoint… and result? All 4 boosters had a magnificient pull from them. Couldn’t have asked for better results from a double video day. What an exciting way to do it!

Entei, you amazing.


Here’s a close up of the Ash-Greninja EX oversized card:


I love the art, but I hate the card itself. Just because of its attacks. I’m talking about Ninja Blade. You spend 3 turns to get those energies, which isn’t bad for 130 damage, however, you can’t use the move again the next turn. That irks me… So you would essentially be forced to use Dancing Shuriken which has a chance to do no damage at all.

I guess the hope would be that after the 2nd turn, you would’ve hit at least once with Dancing Shuriken, causing 20 damage and then finish off the other side with 130, totaling 150 damage… I would imagine using the moves back and forth would be difficult if you needed that 130 damage to knock somebody out.

At least the retreat is not bad if he gets into real trouble.

Thanks for reading!


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