I think I’m going to cry…

I feel like I just made an incredible achievement. I pulled a Charizard EX. I’ve never ever once pulled any type of Charizard… and that being my favorite Pokemon and all… I think I’ve finally caught up to my unicorn, guys… *tear*

But here’s the link to the video if you haven’t seen it yet.

Well! Enough of that! We’ve got some pulls to discuss! But first, let’s take a look at that Darkrai promo!


This might be one of the most beautiful promos I’ve seen. Darkrai is definitely a badass Pokemon for sure. He’s just so intimidating and look how he’s like just coming at you on the card. Definitely do not want to piss him off.

And look at “Abyssal Sleep” and think about how hard it is to flip a heads to wake up your Pokemon… Darkrai makes you flip TWO coins and if they’re not both heads? Well, sorry, bro, you can’t wake up. That’s like the ultimate ‘mess you up’ card… I realize it’s 50/50 on both flips but I’m never good with 50/50.

Here’s all the Radiant Collection I pulled:


All I need now is the RC Charizard and I’ll have that story completed. And yes, I know he’s uncommon… see what I mean when I say that he’s my unicorn?

Here’s all the holos:


I don’t know when they started making the energy cards holo but I actually think it looks badass. They should make all energy holo. Would give it an awesome effect on the game, I’d think.

And the prize of these boxes? My very own Charizard EX 😀


Sigh… I’m a pretty proud papa right now.


2 thoughts on “I think I’m going to cry…

  1. shaun says:

    ow man you have been getting some good puulls lately. awesome charizard ex man. i wish i opened as many boxes and packs as you.


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