Here’s a code for you

You know all of those PokeMon TCG Online code cards you get from certain booster packs and box sets? Yeah, I set up my blog to generate 2 – 4 (subject to change depending on the blog’s traffic) codes each day for you to redeem!

Isn’t that exciting? Codes will be posted in 2 waves. First code will usually be posted around 1pm – 2pm, AZ time. And then the second wave will be posted between 6pm and 7pm. Any subsequent codes will be posted a hour later. So if I post 4 codes in a day, it’ll be 1pm and 2 pm, then again at 6pm and 7pm.

Most, if not all, the codes are single use so I would suggest saving my blog to your favorites so you can check back quicker. Or you know… set an alarm.:)

Do you enjoy these posts? Give me a like or comment on how I can make these better.




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