It’s all about that first pack magic

I’m telling ya, except for that one opening, every first pack of everything I had gotten, has been something freakin’ amazing. It didn’t end here with this blister, man. Oh, if you haven’t seen the video today, please click here to check it out.

So I mean, I get the Mega Alakazam pin blister pack and I have 3 Fates Collide boosters to opening. First pack goes by and BOOM Mega Altaria EX. That was awesome. The last two packs had some cool cards too! Really diggin’ the pin, though.


i don’t think this photo does it any justice but it’s freakin’ cool to look at. Certainly an awesome piece to the collection.

The pulls I’ve had were sweet too. I think they all had 2 rares? Save for the first pack one. But still a pretty good day.


As always, thanks for reading my words!


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