Pack battle tomorrow!

Ok guys, just popping in here to let you know the exciting news! In addition to tomorrow’s huge lot series episode, I have a very special video for you! It’s a pack battle! I recently announced it on my instagram that fellow user ‘burgersaur’ challenged me to a pack battle!

Basically, we open the same box on our respective channels, and keep a tally of our points. Highest points at the end of the openings win! I am very excited because I have never done a pack opening before so this will be one for the books! Anticipating the video is going to be posted around 4pm AZ time.

And we’re each going to be opening the MEGA MAWILE EX PREMIUM COLLECTION box.

Here’s the score structure as laid out in one of his past pack battles:

Reverse holo-rare = 1 pt
Holo-rare = 2 pts
EX or BREAKs = 3 pts
Full Art = 4 pts
Secret Rare = 5 pts

Let’s hope for some more first pack magic to happen, eh? Can’t wait!

His insta:
His YouTube:

My insta:
My YouTube:


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