Changes to code card postings!

Hey guys!

I am making some changes to the code posts I do here on my blog. Originally, I have been posted at least 2 a day, and that part is not going to change. The timing of them, however, is. I have been doing a guaranteed 1pm and 6pm code, and after some good feedback and also some deep thinking, I feel like it’s too ‘promising’ and may only still be targeting a select few people that can manage that type of schedule to check the blog.

Now, instead of doing one and 1pm and one at 6pm, I will be posting them BETWEEN 1pm and 7pm. There will still be a guaranteed 2 codes per day, but I will not be saying what time they will post. So you will have to check every hour if you can between those times to find a code.

This will kind of keep everything fresh and mysterious as well as maybe give some more folks a chance to grab a code if it’s posted a little more random.

New structure takes effect on Monday!

Happy gaming!


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