Here’s your code, bruh

You know all of those PokeMon TCG Online code cards you get from certain booster packs and box sets? Yeah, I set up my blog to generate 2 – 4 (subject to change depending on the blog’s traffic) codes each day for you to redeem!

Isn’t that exciting? Codes will be posted in 2 waves. First code will usually be posted around 1pm – 2pm, AZ time. And then the second wave will be posted between 6pm and 7pm. Any subsequent codes will be posted a hour later. So if I post 4 codes in a day, it’ll be 1pm and 2 pm, then again at 6pm and 7pm.

Most, if not all, the codes are single use so I would suggest saving my blog to your favorites so you can check back quicker. Or you know… set an alarm.:)

Do you enjoy these posts? Give me a like or comment on how I can make these better.




5 thoughts on “Here’s your code, bruh

  1. shaun says:

    I think a better method of making it more of a chance for different people to get these codes is not posting it exactly at 1 and 6 you should randomize the times in between the hours so its fair. That way we dont know exactly when it will be posted.


  2. shaun says:

    Not a problem. i have to say though, you are rapidly growing in the Poké-Community. Congrats on the expansion of your subscribers. Keep up the good and hard work. Seems like im one of the few whos genuinely here to support you. Hope the other subs give you a little more credit.


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