Uh, did you see it?

Well, DID you freakin’ catch episode 4? Omg the pulls! Click here to go to the video if you haven’t seen it yet!

I KNOW I didn’t seem too excited during the video when I was going through that pile BUT if you didn’t notice, I was really tired. ANYWAY

This pile probably had the BEST pulls yet…aside from the couple of cool ones that were ultimately too damaged. It was really hard to pick which ones were the top, But here they all are:



I was only able to decide on the top 8 (haha, Myspace reference), and hands down, the Deoxys was the BEST out of all of them. Like holy crap, I buy a lot from some kids and turns out they got a great condition Dexoys? Who knew?

Well, as crazy as this video is, we aren’t done. Still got some more to go through so hopefully we are on an awesome roll.

See you tomorrow!


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