It’s sort of bittersweet that we are coming down to the last couple of days in the huge mini lot series here. Today we did the last Japanese stack and omg.. it was insane! I can’t believe what I got in this lot so far and to kind of finish everything off with this? The feeling is quite awesome.

If you hadn’t had the chance to view the video, check out this link right here for the tube.

There was so much good stuff but I decided to pull some of the coolest ones out of the lot. Here’s a quick look at it.


I wanted to pick so much more but I settled for 12, lol. Check out that beautiful Ninetails, the team Rocket cards, the cute/touch Pikachus… that Mewtwo is probably the best. But you know, as I said in the video, it does look a little off. It’s off-center as you can see there but what does that mean? Is this fake? Is it an error card? I tried searching up some information on it but didn’t really find anything indicating that this Mewtwo is not legit.

If you do have info, let me know?

For now, I think we have 3 stacks left. 2 are the damaged ones where I believe I will go over and then the cards that look suspicious. So hopefully something cool comes from them.

Thanks for reading!


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