Episode 8/8.5 wrap up

It’s taken me a day to kind of go through all the cards from both parts of episode 8 to make sure there wasn’t more I could salvage. I think I’ve scavenged what I could get so basically, we are near the end of this series. It’s taken (when the final episode hits) 9 episodes for this to be completed and I thank you all for being a part of it with me.

Here’s episode 8:

And then 8.5:

There have been a lot of emotions between these two episodes just based on the fact that there were so many great cards that were ultimately damaged. We saw many of them. Here’s a few we were able to salvage, though:


This is from episode 8.5. I’m very happy that Feraligatr was okay… that is such a pimp card. And yes, it’s a starter and you know I’m quite fond of starter Pokemon. Then you have Palkia and that ever cute Togepi…

Here are some awesome cards that were too damaged:


Sometimes showing a picture sucks because they look fine in them but these wonderful cards are kaput. So that sucks. They are still cool to have, yes, but lack any true value I would say. And like in the video, I’m not opposed to give them away.

Stay tuned for the final episode, which will air tomorrow.


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