Mega Mawile EX – Recap

Did you see the video? You’ve got to see it. Click on this link for the latest one!

First of all, I’m not going to show the promos we get cause we’ve already seen them time and again… so let’s jump straight to the pulls! Here are the reverse holos I got:


It’s really awesome I got that Camerupt.. let me tell you why.. I am playing Omega Ruby, right? And totally just (SPOILER ALERT) passed the part where Team Magma’s Maxie gives you Camerite… or was it Camerup-rite? Whichever. All the mega stone names are really funky IMO. But I thought that was like… a calling. Ha!

From Fates Collide booster, I scored a Carbink Break!


And then I got the every so badass Moltres. Again, I don’t care if it isn’t holo, I am just stoked to have it!


The artwork is just manifico! And I’ve always loved everything about the Phoenix and Moltres is just that… ah… firebird, come to me!

And who could forget the pull of the day? That ever so sexy Mega Gyarados EX. Quite the specimen , don’t you think?


The texture is always so great.

Thanks for the love!


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