Today’s Grab bag Sunday…

It was pretty disappointing if I can be truthful about it. I mean, seriously? I know it’s not the Pokémon Company that puts those things together so I guess I shouldn’t fret but if out of two packs, every card save for like 3 were from pre-constructed decks, I should’ve just bought said decks. If you saw the video, I’m sure you could agree with me.

I don’t mean to sound like I don’t enjoy having the cards, it’s just that when I get a grab bag or a random lot purchase, I expect fully to see random ass cards… and this one really failed to provide that.

So unless you want just another preconstructed deck, I advise against getting something like this.

Otherwise, these were the two foil cards they promised.


The Zapdos at least, is not from a deck so I enjoy that one a lot.

Thanks for reading.


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