Mega Monday Melee!

aka, Pack battles on a Monday. That’s right, ya’ll! It’s starting. From this Monday forth, I will be having pack battle match ups with different instagram or YouTube or wherever else there is a Pokemon trainer available.

Ok, yes I realize today is Tuesday… I was a day late… sue me!

But this will be an epic one for sure! For my first official pack battle series on my channel, I will not be battle just 1 trainer… it’s going to be against 3 of them! Yes! We are having a 4-way pack battle! THAT’S UNHEARD OF! Maybe we are the first? Who knows but it’s freakin’ awesome nonetheless.

My opponents? Well, let’s meet them eh?

First up, it is BURGERSAUR. Links >>> His Insta | His YouTube

You may remember that name, yes? He was my first ever pack battle and I totally demolished him. šŸ˜‰ His pack battle day is on Thursdays.

Second, we have BYLVEON. Her Insta | Her YouTube

One of the first people I got to talking with when I first joined up the #PokemonCommunity. She posts Tuesdays.

And third, PIKACHUS_TRAINER_. His Insta | His YouTube

Actually just met him but he seems like a cool guy. And unfortunately, I’m not sure which day he will post so we will have to be watching for it!

Can’t wait for you all to see who the winner is. I am stoked to win this. And maybe I will šŸ˜‰

And here’s a little preview of what we will be battling with:


My video will be live roughly 3pm AZ time. Check back soon!


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