Here’s your code card

Important: Until further notice, I will only be posting 1 code card per day. I did not realize my stock was VERY low. So in efforts to make sure you all get a code daily, this must be done so I don’t run out too quickly. Thanks for your understanding!

Thanks for stopping by!

You’ve earned yourself a FREE CODE! I hope you got something good!

As a reminder, I am posting codes every day on my blog between 1 pm and 7 pm, Arizona time. I will not tell you what time, so you’re going to have to check back on the hour if you can. There will be two guaranteed codes posted throughout the day. Some days I may post more. Good luck!

Enjoy your code! And let us know what you get!



One thought on “Here’s your code card

  1. shaun says:

    Once again no thank you here. I know you don’t care, but man it’s just sad that these people feel so obligated to a code, and not obligated to thank you for it. Then again, they most likely won’t even read these comments, either.


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