Triple Blister Pulls

So by now, you should’ve gotten the chance to see the video. If not, check this link here to go take a look.

So as stated from the last blog post, they had each not opened Pokemon cards for years and this was fun giving them the chance to do so. Again, I know our reactions weren’t top notch but we were so tired lol we just actually were trying to get it done quickly. And yes, I know we could’ve done it another day but there’s no telling when the next time we could get together was.

So here are the pulls..first starting with those awesome pins. I am happy that my collection is growing.


Next, we have the reverse holos-


And then boom!


I was a little speechless about that Regirock EX man. Such a good looking guy. And yeah, my cousin did say he saw it before we went through the pack because I suck and didn’t hold the cards properly ha!

Well, thanks again for coming around you guys!



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