GBS pulls!

Oh man, I realized I didn’t have a pull post for last Grab Bag Sunday! Sorry you guys! In addition to the trip, I also worked extra hours the past two days over the holiday so I have been swamped!

Anyway, if you didn’t catch the GBS video, click here. Better late than never!

I do appreciate all the support I get from family members. It really is pretty awesome that they supply me with content for my channel. Hopefully things pay off!

Anyway, as you see in the video, my cousin hooked me up with what he had left – a pencil box filled with different cards he probably hasn’t seen in awhile lol.

So here’s a few snaps of different things I enjoyed:

I have gotten some awesome feedback with some of these pulls. Apparently, some of these are very popular and sought after. That makes my heart tingle.

And the prize of the whole lot?



People don’t really know about it lol. When I posted it on Instagram, I instantly got offers and people totally digging it. I love that reaction. I don’t know much about it either and I’ve scoured the internet trying to figure it out but there’s only info about the regular Base 2 Bulba…why is this one holo? Sigh. I guess we won’t know for now.

Thanks for reading!


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