Hello Pokefriends, I’m back!

Well, kinda… I have more time on my hands now that we are settled. Settled into what, you may ask? Well, we just bought a new house! That’s right. All that time I spent away from here was because we were concentrating on getting our own spot and now that we are all done moving in and unpacking (almost) I’ll be able to dedicate more time to this blog and channel.

I thank you to anyone who continued to visit and watch my old videos and even still kept up with me on social media. It’s definitely appreciated.

Lots of new stuff going on in the world of Pokemons. Both in mine and the Pokemon Company and I can’t be anymore excited. Can you?

I have plenty of things to cover and such a short amount of time and plenty of cards waiting to be opened (see picture). So stay tuned! I plan to revamp the channel and tweak how I do things normally. All for the better as we grow!




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