Limited Edition Playstation 4


I never even knew that Sony puts out limited edition type stuff during E3. That’s so dope. I don’t know why I never paid attention to stuff like that. I just happened on a Gamestop ad – cause you know, I like Gamestop ads – and saw this ‘DAYS of PLAY’ section. I was curious so when I got to the store to check it out, this beautiful looking Playstation 4 smacked me in the face! I was aw struck. “Time for an upgrade,” I said to myself.

So after heavy consideration, I decided to part with my old, 500G slim and venture out to this 1TB slim, blue, awesome looking PS4. I mean…it’s so pretty.

I hope you guys enjoy as I stumble my way through this unboxing and it’s a little refreshing that it’s something a little different.

Thanks for looking!


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