Pikachu Pop!

Hi guys! If you’re like me, then you have been searching for that elusive Target exclusive Pikachu Funko Pop. They are literally sold out everywhere. When I started seeing them pop up on people’s feeds, I set out to look and look and there are none to be found.

Then one day my Target app showed me one store had them. Of course I was so excited. I ran (drove) there , checked the isle the app directed me to but BOOM nothing left. Was I missing out again ? The answer actually is no.

After asking this store employee, she said she wasn’t sure if they had them at all. I showed her the listing and she called on the radio as I inquired if they had stock in the back. She informed me that they don’t have them in and basically gave me an attitude like I was keeping her from doing something really important (stocking shelves).

Defeated, I walked away. Another employee asked if I was doing okay and I brought up the app being wrong. He went to explain that he didn’t know why it was reading that they had it in stock but some of the item codes may be inputted wrong as he scanned another item that launched the Pikachu Pop. That was so unfortunate.

The best thing though is he did tell me the store plans to have the Pikachu’s in stock on Aug 26th. You better believe I will be getting 1 or 2 (or 3 or 4)…

So the dream is still on to own one of these!


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