Is this real life?

I mean… is it? Did you see the INSANE amount of pulls I just got from this box? Oh why did I wait to do this video?! I’m sorry, Pokemon gods, if you’re watching…

If you have not had the chance to check out the video yet, just click on this link. It’s about 10 mins long.

So…the pulls…like, I was blessed right? The Pokemon gods looked down on me and declared that I would possess those cards…it’s just surreal. I feel like I’m dreaming, right?

4 boosters, broken down to 1 Ancient Origins, 1 Breakthrough and 2 Breakpoint… and result? All 4 boosters had a magnificient pull from them. Couldn’t have asked for better results from a double video day. What an exciting way to do it!

Entei, you amazing.


Here’s a close up of the Ash-Greninja EX oversized card:


I love the art, but I hate the card itself. Just because of its attacks. I’m talking about Ninja Blade. You spend 3 turns to get those energies, which isn’t bad for 130 damage, however, you can’t use the move again the next turn. That irks me… So you would essentially be forced to use Dancing Shuriken which has a chance to do no damage at all.

I guess the hope would be that after the 2nd turn, you would’ve hit at least once with Dancing Shuriken, causing 20 damage and then finish off the other side with 130, totaling 150 damage… I would imagine using the moves back and forth would be difficult if you needed that 130 damage to knock somebody out.

At least the retreat is not bad if he gets into real trouble.

Thanks for reading!


So today’s unboxing

I forget where I got this box from. I know I ordered it online. Sigh, my memory fails me. But in a little bit, a video will be uploading to my channel with the unboxing of the Hoopa EX Legendary collection. Very stoked. Look at all the goodies it comes with! Hope there will be some great pulls. I’m just excited for the promos that you see there.

I can’t wait to see what we get!


Blister pulls

I really felt good about that blister, you know? Check out this link for the video if you have not seen it yet.

It’s another great Tuesday in my world and I hope yours is going okay as well. We had another pull video up. Like I said in the video, I love blister packs with actual cards from sets instead of the ol promo ones simply because you get a chance to grab some rare cards without too much work in the process. And it’s like controlled, I guess is the right word, where you still have to chase the “bigger” rare cards.

From this blister, we got the Noivern, Flygon, and Hydreigon. All really cool to see.


And then out of the Ancient Origins pack, I was able to Tyranitar EX. You could tell I was kind of excited when I made that part of the video kind of dramatic, right? Heh..heh..


All in all, it was a good blister.

Promo card set blister

I found this little dime here at Target for $10. I love little blister packs like this because it can really help you fill in some holes in your collection, you know? And if you can see my collection now, there’s plenty of holes. I’ll do a video of that later.

I love that you get 3 dragons in this blister. And that Pikachu coin is just icing on it! Rare-holos are hard enough to pull and this blister just gives them to you. Truly a delight.

It also has 1 Breakthrough and 1 Ancient Origins booster so I can’t wait to crack into them and see what I get!


Tyrantrum EX Collections Box

Hey all! Popping in to let you know the next video will be the Tyrantrum EX unboxing.

Shout out to my sister again for picking this box up for me. It was ordered online through Walmart from what I understand and I’ve been having a good string of luck with online orders lately so hopefully this box keeps it going for me. 🙂

Stay tuned and you can see the pulls within the next hour!

Here’s a shot of the 2 promo cards you get with it.


I knew that I always liked Mewtwo…

Are you FLIPPIN’ kidding me? DID you even SEE the video? Click this link to check it out.

Holy insane in the membrane, Batman! I don’t think I’ve had better pulls than this on any box openings so far. This had got to be the best… I might even go back and look at all my videos just to be double sure. But CRAP that was a good one. Let’s review!

Hot out the box, we have the MEGA Mewtwo Y figurine. And that itself was great.


I don’t know man, I actually prefer to use Mega Mewtwo X in the games but this figurine is making me reconsider. He just looks so badass and confident and majestic… am I falling over a Mewtwo trick here? Makes me want to go watch the Mewtwo movie, too. Ah… there’s a reason this dude is the best Pokemon out there… and yes, you are wrong if you think different. Here’s a shot of Mega Mewtwo X and Y side by side:


I think the makers try to make it a point to display Mewtwo the most badass-ness they can. I mean, seriously… he IS the best. And it shows in her cards/promos. Like the one that came with this box:


Here he is about to mess up some MF’er that probably owes him money. You can’t get away from Mewtwo, man. Don’t even try. You will fail.

Are we going to talk about those pulls though? Where do I even start off. VERY first pack from this collection, I pulled a Primal Groudon EX… I mean, are you joking? This has got to be a set up right? Remember how much I flipped out when I pulled my first Primal Groudon EX? I can’t even being to believe how I managed to do it again in a different set. Here’s a shot of the two next to each other. The one on the right is from Primal Clash and the one on the left I just pulled from Ancient Origins… beautiful.


And we can’t even stop there, can we? Oh no! Not only did Primal Groudon EX come to the party, we have Deoxys and Registeel, too! Both, my firsts.


Also got me a Florges BREAK card… I know a little bit ago I was asking what BREAK cards did… I’m still asking and I said that I would research… well yeah I haven’t done that either. So I really need to get with that. They are just awesome cards to look at anyway. Really cool idea with the sideways and the gold and whatnot. Phew.


And then we have Mr Main Event himself: Mewtwo EX.


I mean, this box was completely awesome to work with. Definitely had some great content. I was/am always hesitant in buying cards online cause you can just never know if you will get ripped off. I am glad though that I went with it and had some amazing pulls to show. Maybe if I continue to do it, I will continue with the good quality. I just have to trust my gut, I’d guess.

But anyway, that’s again for reading and following.

More stuff to come later in the week.

Hope to open trades soon, too!