It’s not technically Saturday anymore

I’m REALLY late with the Mewtwo EX tin opening today and I am forever sorry but totally lots of stuff was going on today so I wasn’t able to record until like 30mins ago. And I edited and I uploaded, yadda, yadda, click on this link for the video.

This tin came with the Mewtwo EX promo, 1 Furious Fists, 1 Primal Clash and 2 Breakpoint.

My mind is like blown. Like 50/50 for different reasons. Like.. why haven’t I bought tins like this before? And whoa, those pulls! I really love how the tin looks and love that I now have another container for my cards. It’s totally legit to have a couple of different storage options now. I’m sure I will fill it up with something… like all those Japanese cards. Boom.

First pull? That Slowking. Second? That full art Aggron EX. Now that is something awesome. He just looks so cuddly, right? Check them out below:


Slowking, though, easily the favorite here. He looks so peaceful and his ability can be good if used right. If you can’t read it, you can basically remove a energy from the Active opponent to his bench with a flip of a coin.

If you haven’t already, follow my instagram because I am starting to deal cards. Hope we can totally strike a deal!


Here’s a code for you

You know all of those PokeMon TCG Online code cards you get from certain booster packs and box sets? Yeah, I set up my blog to generate 2 – 4 (subject to change depending on the blog’s traffic) codes each day for you to redeem!

Isn’t that exciting? Codes will be posted in 2 waves. First code will usually be posted around 1pm – 2pm, AZ time. And then the second wave will be posted between 6pm and 7pm. Any subsequent codes will be posted a hour later. So if I post 4 codes in a day, it’ll be 1pm and 2 pm, then again at 6pm and 7pm.

Most, if not all, the codes are single use so I would suggest saving my blog to your favorites so you can check back quicker. Or you know… set an alarm.:)

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Is this real life?

I mean… is it? Did you see the INSANE amount of pulls I just got from this box? Oh why did I wait to do this video?! I’m sorry, Pokemon gods, if you’re watching…

If you have not had the chance to check out the video yet, just click on this link. It’s about 10 mins long.

So…the pulls…like, I was blessed right? The Pokemon gods looked down on me and declared that I would possess those cards…it’s just surreal. I feel like I’m dreaming, right?

4 boosters, broken down to 1 Ancient Origins, 1 Breakthrough and 2 Breakpoint… and result? All 4 boosters had a magnificient pull from them. Couldn’t have asked for better results from a double video day. What an exciting way to do it!

Entei, you amazing.


Here’s a close up of the Ash-Greninja EX oversized card:


I love the art, but I hate the card itself. Just because of its attacks. I’m talking about Ninja Blade. You spend 3 turns to get those energies, which isn’t bad for 130 damage, however, you can’t use the move again the next turn. That irks me… So you would essentially be forced to use Dancing Shuriken which has a chance to do no damage at all.

I guess the hope would be that after the 2nd turn, you would’ve hit at least once with Dancing Shuriken, causing 20 damage and then finish off the other side with 130, totaling 150 damage… I would imagine using the moves back and forth would be difficult if you needed that 130 damage to knock somebody out.

At least the retreat is not bad if he gets into real trouble.

Thanks for reading!

Cool blister pulls!

Check out the video from the Umbreon promo blister here.

A lot of people might call those boosters I got “duds” because I didn’t get any like super rares or holos but I enjoyed those pulls. There were definitely cards I’ve never had before so in my quest to fill up some pages in my collection, there were definitely some great things that happened with this blister.

Here’s a recap:


First, we have the 3 reverse holos and 3 non-holo rares I pulled. The rare cards I have not picked up before so I’m glad those came my way. And then I got a really shiny looking Blitzle too, being all cute and chillin’.

And here’s the Umbreon promo close up:


It’s just so pretty. Mr XY96 is a good-lookin card. Can we play promo cards in the actual TCG?

Thanks for reading!

And get ready for the second video of the day!

Umbreon Promo Blister Pack

Hey all!

Saw this blister at Barnes n Noble when I was trying to get my hands on some early Fates Collide…but that didn’t work out. So what I ended up getting was this blister pack I found there. Comes with a Pikachu coin, 3 Breakpoint boosters, and a Umbreon promo card, which I thought looked pretty badass so I’m hoping it’ll come with some goodies.

Video will be available in able 30 mins or so!


That’s that!

Well how about that grab bag? The link is right here if you’d like to see it.

There were a handful of cards that I could add to my collection and it seemed like there was more repeats than there should have been? Does that make sense. It just seems like there was too many that took up most of the 100. Don’t get me wrong, though, I do love that it came with most of the newer sets (Flashfire, Breakpoint, Breakthrough). The only ounce of disappointment I had was that there wasn’t the OLD sets. I’m forever searching I guess. *sobs*

Hopefully, I can do something like this again in the future.

Here’s a shot of all the reverse holos that came with it. Lovin’ that Bayleef.


Oh and check out my website for things I am willing to part with.

Not too shabby, eh?

Thanks for checking out my pulls! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out with this link.

I actually enjoyed opening a few packs this time around. It wasn’t as much work as those big collection boxes, that’s for sure, ha! I loved how I still managed to get a BREAK card and then the totally cool Zoroark holo. He looks great! And these two boosters seriously helped me fill in some holes for the set. Thanks again to the misses for picking them up!


So you probably also heard me talk about a possible contest, yes? Well, I’m thinking of waiting till I hit a number of subscribers on YouTube before I give out those code cards. Any thoughts you guys have?

Thanks for reading and your support!