A Shorter Opening Today

Hey all! Got a few booster packs I’m going to be doing an opening for. Thought I would make a shorter video because not all of us have time to sit through a 10-minute one.

The misses got me one Breakthrough and one Breakpoint booster pack, so I can’t wait to see how lucky I get!

Stay tuned because video will be up in a second!



Dollar Tree Sample Packs Pulls

Phew! That was kind of a long process if I do say so myself. It wasn’t tiresome, just a tedious process. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the video, just click on this link.

So you saw it. 20 packs. 3 cards each. So I basically got 50 cards for $20. And I pulled what, 3 rares? It’s probably not worth it if you’re looking at it statistically and you’re only shooting for those rares. But for fun, hell yeah, I enjoyed it. It was just cool to do something a little bit different as far as those types of packs are concerned. I can say with confidence I will do it again, but possibly not for a little while longer. I’m probably going to focus on a few more collector’s boxes or tins next.

Easily best pull would be the Garchomp… just wowza!


Thanks for reading!

20 Dollar Tree Sample Packs

Yes, you read right. I got 20 of them. 3 cards per pack and got 3 Breakthrough and 17 Breakpoint! Why? I simply just wasn’t paying attention when I was going through the box grabbing them. 😀

Going to be fun opening these packs. I’ve heard that you can indeed score some Ultra Rares/Rares in these packs. I’ve also seen people claiming to pull EX’s, too. We will have to see. It sounds like these are definitely going to rely on a lot of luck to pull some of those rarer ones. I’ll just be happy to be able to add to my collections without really breaking the bank.

I’ve gone through a few Dollar Tree stores and was able to accumulate the 20. The picture here shows the first 7 that I was able to find. I found out the Dollar Tree closest to me was virtually untouched. Go figure. I guess I will have to make that my one stop shop for these. I will put them with the ‘grab bags’ tag unless I keep doing more videos on them. I haven’t decided yet, though, so I will keep you posted.

Hope you enjoy the video once it posts!


Breakpoint / Breakthrough

So I was at a few places today and saw there was a few different prices overall for the Breakthrough/Breakpoint booster packs. I thought it was interesting how kind of diverse that is. Anyway, I went ahead and picked up one of each from 2 different stores to see if there was a method to this difference. And there most likely isn’t and it’s probably up to the seller how much they want to post it for, but meh.

I will be posting pulls a little later. Stay with me!