Trivia Thursday #07

Welcome to Trivia Thursday!

It is your chance to win an additional TCGO code today! All you have to do is answer this trivia question. First one who gets it right, wins the code. Please post your answer by leaving a comment.

Please allow up to 24-48 hours for a response.

When Did SoulSilver Released?


Mega Monday Melee Ep 05

It was a great battle you guys! I went head to head with PokePanda with the Shiny Xerneas Tin:


And I must say my pulls were outstanding. I usually have such awesome luck with these and pack battles in general. So very cool to be able to use this beauty.

My first pack had zilch and I Was a little scared but it came back with the remaining three packs… and boom, boom, boom! 😀



All in all, I scored 08 points and couldn’t be happier. Watch my video here and don’t forget to check his out to see the winner!

Hungry Trainers League!

I’m part of a league you guys. It’ll be a pack battle league where myself and five other teams will go head to head for about 5 weeks. It’ll be exciting and it’ll all start on the 8th of July so keep it locked!

In the mean time, to see how it’ll work, we all did a preseason type 5-way battle.

Check it out:


And I’m sure you’ll recognize some of those names… but here are some links to some all of my opponents:




Rocket Squad Pokemon

The Hex Maniacs

Pack battle pulls

Click this link to take a look at the pack battle.

Since we were using different pack battle point system, I can’t be entirely sure that I calculated correctly but meh! It’s about having the fun of it.

I got some really cool cards, though!

Here’s 2 of the rares I got:


And then the Chesnaught BREAK, along with the main prize, Mega Houndoom EX. I was just thinking the other day, I needed him… hahaha. Funny how the world works.


And check out the Zygarde EX promo… is it me, or does it look slightly off-center? That makes it so much more awesome 🙂

Thanks for watching!