Fast Forward Fridays Epi 07: Xerneas Collection Box!

What’s up. all?!

Today for the 7th episode of my “Fast Forward Fridays” series, I opened up the Xerneas Collection box I’ve been holding. Last week, you saw me open the Yveltal one. You can watch it again by clicking here.

I bought the box off of and I believe it was 17.99. It came with the figure, 3 XY Base boosters, 1 BW Legendary Treasures booster and a Xerneas promo. It was a great deal.

All my pulls were great from this video and the figure had more detail than I expected. It was clearly a great lookin’ dude. I didn’t think they’d have all of Xerneas’s colors like that. I guess I shouldn’t set my standards so low when it comes to Pokemon, ha!


Check out these pulls and check out the video below.





Fast Forward Friday Ep 06

Opened up this awesome box and got some awesome things. I came across it on

Check out the video below for all the silliness!



Zygarde Collection Box pulls

Click on this link to check out the newest video, Fast Forward Friday edition!

I think we’re here to see this guy:


Just look how incredibly sick he is! Omg Zygarde you are a best.

Here’s the promo:


XY152. Very dope.

And I got some pretty cool pulls too:


Thanks for viewing.

See you tomorrow!

Fast Forward Friday, Episode 04

Uploading now! Check out my YouTube soon to watch me open this sick collection box.


FFF Pulls

So did you see it? This week’s FFF video? Well, go check it out right here.

I love these silly videos.

And the pulls? Freakin’ sick as well. But let’s start with that pin:


Ahhh… it’s so shiny and blue and cute. 🙂 It looks like a rain drop with a pony tail. Aww.

And then…ugh… this promo card:


I think if there was a contest for cutest promo, this probably wins it.

And then those pulls…


Blastoise EX and Sylveon EX Full Art. So basically, I think it’s good luck if I buy something and not open it for weeks, right? 😀

Thanks for reading.

FastForwardFridays Ep 02 and Vlog Ep 02

So I have sort of a double header tonight!

Did a FastForwardFriday video and did a Vlog so since it’s two different things I do for my channel, it’s sort of a 2 in 1… I mean, who doesn’t like that? Ha!

Check it out!

Fast Forward Fridays!

Omg, a NEW segment? Yeah, I’m just loading them on you guys this week, aren’t I? 🙂

So I thought it would be completely funny if I would make a normal video and just speed it up. It could be anything from a normal unboxing or a Watch Me Play episode or just random pack openings, ect! The possibilities are all there!

The best thing about it is that everything will be sped up. You will still understand what I’m saying, don’t worry, it’ll just be really funny to watch me have some weird voice going on. Also this might help cut down some of my video minutes…since my videos tend to be long (oops).

I’m excited about this so stay tuned for the first episode shortly!