Good ol fashion vlog

You guys up for it? I thought I would try my hand at a ‘story time’ type of video and for my first one, I would talk about my awful experience with Gamestop. Specifically, the customer service. It was something to remember…especially being a long time customer, it really damages the relationship.

I hope you enjoy.


Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Switch Bundle

I am watching (not patiently) for my bundle to get here. According to the screenshot below, it’ll be here tomorrow. I ordered mine from and I know a lot of people who ordered already got theirs and I am ever so jealous. My experience has been horrible with them and it’s their fault for it taking so long. I plan to stream a lot of game play, even though I’ll be late to the party. I just can’t wait to play the Switch as it’ll be the first one I’ll own, ever. 

I knew that eventually something Pokemon-related would come out for the Switch so I waited and bide my time and I am so glad I did. I think this bundle will be worth the hassle I had to go through (will post another blog about that later) to get it. I’ve watched a few unboxings and it’s just making me more excited. I will have my own as well, so you better believe that. 🙂

Be prepared to see it in action, so if you aren’t already, make sure you’re subscribed to my Youtube and you are following me on Twitch.

See you soon!

Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee Switch Bundle!!!

OMG GUYS!!! It’s finally happened! It’s here! It’s announced! THE LET’S GO PIKACHU/EEVEE NINTENDO SWITCH BUNDLE!

I cannot believe it and I am so excited! I can hardly contain myself!!!

Since the game was announced, I’ve been telling everyone that I had waited and decided not to buy a Switch at launch (and boy did I want one) because I didn’t really see many games I wanted to pick up with it. I was patient, with a little hope and by that time Pokemon was teasing something for the Switch. I was very confident that there had to be some sort of promotion or bundle or special edition Switch that was bound to be either already around or in the works for the new game. There was no way, in my mind, that Nintendo was not going to use this opportunity to release something special. Especially with their first Pokemon game ever for the Switch.

I checked and Googled for any news often. THEN BAM! Yesterday I saw that they had announced the bundle. I actually saw the post on another site, advertising it, and I originally thought it was a custom one they were making. I am so glad I was wrong about that when I researched it more. It’s 399.99, which I was like… what? Then when I broke it down, the base Switch is 299.99, it comes with the Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee bundle (previously announced) which is 99.99, so the price tag made sense.

It looks amazingly beautiful with it’s artwork and yellow/brownish colors  on the remotes to reflect the Pokemon themselves. The docking station shows both Pokemon and I am glad to see that it looks more of the Japanese style Pikachu and Eevee. The Switch itself has silhouettes of the two Pokemon. The backs of those remotes look shiny af from what I can tell. I am so happy I wanted for this because it is so worth it and has blown my mind!!! Just look at these photos (taken from and tell me what you think. I’m thankful the consoles are the same for either game cause if they were different… I may have bought both.

Yes I am crazy. And you better believe my pre-order is already in!

Thank you!!!


Redeeming Codes and Such

Hi guys! Let’s redeem a code and check out what this game has in store for us!

ALSO , I put some extra codes in the description for you. Enjoy!

Gamestop Haul 4

As promised from the previous post – here’s my haul after the Celestial Storm launch. It’s just a quick one cause I actually didn’t go crazy this time. Go figure. I hope you enjoy anyway and I hope you vote before time runs out!

Tsareena GX Box

Hello again!

If you saw the last post, I saw I’ll be opening a box I got for 50% off. Well here it is! A Tsareena GX promo box. It was on clearance at Gamestop and all clearance is 50% off right now and that’s where they got me. I wasn’t going to purchase it but since opening this box, I definitely am happy 🙂

Check it out

GameStop Haul 3

Went on another shopping trip today to Gamestop… the new legendary pokemon code came out on the 1st so it’s about time I took a trip and grabbed a few. While there, of course, we couldn’t leave without some items.

Hope you enjoy what we got!