Grab Bag Sunday!

Welcome to July 24th’s edition of Grab Bag Sunday. I found this cool box at Target and thought it would be perfect for today’s episode. Check me out ya’ll!

Pulls posted after the video below!



Grab Bag Sunday – July 17

Last week, I did not do a Sunday video. This week, I have an EX Figure Cube for you and I would say the pulls weren’t too bad….save for the dumb way they did the common randoms. But meh.

Chespin’s cuteness makes up for it, though.

As well as some of the actual booster pulls. Check them out.



GBS pulls!

Oh man, I realized I didn’t have a pull post for last Grab Bag Sunday! Sorry you guys! In addition to the trip, I also worked extra hours the past two days over the holiday so I have been swamped!

Anyway, if you didn’t catch the GBS video, click here. Better late than never!

I do appreciate all the support I get from family members. It really is pretty awesome that they supply me with content for my channel. Hopefully things pay off!

Anyway, as you see in the video, my cousin hooked me up with what he had left – a pencil box filled with different cards he probably hasn’t seen in awhile lol.

So here’s a few snaps of different things I enjoyed:

I have gotten some awesome feedback with some of these pulls. Apparently, some of these are very popular and sought after. That makes my heart tingle.

And the prize of the whole lot?



People don’t really know about it lol. When I posted it on Instagram, I instantly got offers and people totally digging it. I love that reaction. I don’t know much about it either and I’ve scoured the internet trying to figure it out but there’s only info about the regular Base 2 Bulba…why is this one holo? Sigh. I guess we won’t know for now.

Thanks for reading!

Another donated grab bag

So you probably saw the last video.

In addition to supplying me with those blisters, my cousin Richard also hooked me up with some of his collection. He just gave me a pencil box that was loaded with some cards. He didn’t know what was in it but he was happy to hand them over.

I’m glad to have such good support in this.


I did flip some of the top cards over so we can’t see too much of them cause we’re not supposed to or whatever but what I did accidentally see was pretty sweet.

Anticipating the video to be live in the evening.

So thankful

I don’t know if there are words that I have in my arsenal for how thankful I am at the support I’ve been receiving thus far. Especially with all the donations that various friends and family have given me. I appreciate it.

Today, like you saw, was a very special Grab Bag Sunday. Simply because it was a grab bag that was put together for me by my little bro from his own collection. And if you haven’t seen the video yet, the link to it is right here.

As you saw, that lot was FULL of different rares. I was very excited to have received a lot of the ones that I did. Alot were ones that I wish that I had in the first place lol.

There was so many but here are a couple that I really enjoyed getting:


I saw that Gengar in pictures and I instantly fell in love with it. I was going to start buying some more packs to try and score one but now, I don’t really have to. Always love Pikachu and the Plasma cards? Oh man…

And you saw my reaction at the last card right? It was clearly staged to be the last card I see and you heard Lady Bae chime in and said that she knew I would love it. (Quick aside: Eric is technically her lil bro.)

This is beautiful…


Dark–freakin’–Charizard… I don’t really have to say anything about this card. It’s just going to be one thing I look at constantly over the next few days… ahh…

Thanks for reading!

Late grab bag Sunday

Doing a grab bag Sunday a little later than usual because I posted the Saturday video so late…no, not really, I was just slacking all day but here it is!

I got a lovely little package of cards from my lil bro’s collection that he put together for me so I decided that since it’s a bunch of random cards, I would do it for another episode of Grab Bag Sunday.

So here’s the preview of the bag. Yes, I hope you will ignore everything in the background. I’ll be back with video results.


Well, that was hilarious

All I could do is laugh, really… and try to justify things I’ve seen. You can watch the latest grab bag video here… trust me, you’re going to want to see it.

So basically, I bought a lot of fake cards. The only problem is that I don’t remember if I meant to buy those fake cards or if I actually got scammed. Lol. That is the funniest part about the whole thing. But you can’t really expect too different of a result if you’re buying from a foreign that you can’t remember the name of as well as not having to pay too much for a lot of ‘rares’. I didn’t technically lose anything, I guess.

Here’s a shot at all the cards I got:


In the video I second guess myself a lot which pretty much annoyed me but meh, what are you going to do? I am speechless that people take the time to make these things but it’s like they tried REALLY hard with this batch lol. Everything looked good and I’m sure they’d pass as real if a person didn’t really know how to tell a fake card or anything… I got a kick out of this.

Here’s a side by side of a real and fake card.


The fake one is immediately darker than the real card. You can see the dramatic difference in the two.

Here’s a close up of one of them:


The holo is overly bright and the art is overly dark. The borders are not centered either. So just a couple more ways of telling that a card is fake. I didn’t mention anything about the fonts as well. This on is not the same as real cards.

And another way? Rip the card. Real ones rip like paper and fake ones… well, they do more of a peel than a rip:


It’s pretty much a sticker stuck on cardstock…

These were fun though. I’m just glad I didn’t break the bank lol. My son will enjoy them so they won’t go to waste.

Hope you had a good time.