Episode 8/8.5 wrap up

It’s taken me a day to kind of go through all the cards from both parts of episode 8 to make sure there wasn’t more I could salvage. I think I’ve scavenged what I could get so basically, we are near the end of this series. It’s taken (when the final episode hits) 9 episodes for this to be completed and I thank you all for being a part of it with me.

Here’s episode 8:

And then 8.5:

There have been a lot of emotions between these two episodes just based on the fact that there were so many great cards that were ultimately damaged. We saw many of them. Here’s a few we were able to salvage, though:


This is from episode 8.5. I’m very happy that Feraligatr was okay… that is such a pimp card. And yes, it’s a starter and you know I’m quite fond of starter Pokemon. Then you have Palkia and that ever cute Togepi…

Here are some awesome cards that were too damaged:


Sometimes showing a picture sucks because they look fine in them but these wonderful cards are kaput. So that sucks. They are still cool to have, yes, but lack any true value I would say. And like in the video, I’m not opposed to give them away.

Stay tuned for the final episode, which will air tomorrow.


Episode 8, part 1


That was heart breaking. I can’t even right now… that Mew… that Grotle… that everything…

If you haven’t seen the video, check it out here. Also keep in mind that this is only part 1 of this episode. Part 2 will be lively shortly. I did not take any photos of the damaged cards because my heart actually kind of hurts right now lol.

That Delta Species, too…


Well, I said a few times in my video I’ll probably give some of these away if any one were interested. Maybe include it as part of some type of giveaway or extras if we do anything like that. So I don’t really know what right now…

I was hoping a lot of the damaged cards weren’t going to be that great but that totally came back to haunt me in the face.

Oh well, maybe the next video will actually make me cry.

Stay tuned!


It’s sort of bittersweet that we are coming down to the last couple of days in the huge mini lot series here. Today we did the last Japanese stack and omg.. it was insane! I can’t believe what I got in this lot so far and to kind of finish everything off with this? The feeling is quite awesome.

If you hadn’t had the chance to view the video, check out this link right here for the tube.

There was so much good stuff but I decided to pull some of the coolest ones out of the lot. Here’s a quick look at it.


I wanted to pick so much more but I settled for 12, lol. Check out that beautiful Ninetails, the team Rocket cards, the cute/touch Pikachus… that Mewtwo is probably the best. But you know, as I said in the video, it does look a little off. It’s off-center as you can see there but what does that mean? Is this fake? Is it an error card? I tried searching up some information on it but didn’t really find anything indicating that this Mewtwo is not legit.

If you do have info, let me know?

For now, I think we have 3 stacks left. 2 are the damaged ones where I believe I will go over and then the cards that look suspicious. So hopefully something cool comes from them.

Thanks for reading!

Huge Lot Episode 7

Alright guys!

One more stack to go and I left the last Japanese one to go over. We are near the end. So stay tuned because episode 7 will be live in about an hour.

Hope you enjoy!

Wrapping up episode 6

So not AS excited as the last few videos for this mini series BUT did get some cool starters out of it and a cool Delta Species Meowth. The artwork on those guys are awesome.

Check out the video with this link if you haven’t seen it yet.

Here’s the pulls:


Absolutely digging that Bulbasaur too!

Hope you guys enjoyed, and I’ll be back tomorrow with episode 7!

Mini Series Episode 6

We’re on the home stretch guys! Just a couple of episodes left for the huge lot mini series that started last Monday! We only have a few piles left to sort through so stay tuned!

Episode 6 will be live at about 3pm, AZ time.

Hope we get some good stuff! Link to the playlist is below:

Ready for episode 5?

I think I am. We made it to Friday and I hope today is going to be an awesome day.

I’m going to go through another Japanese stack.

Here’s a link to the playlist so far:

And episode 5 will post around 3pm, AZ time.

See you soon!