Mega Monday Melee Ep 05

It was a great battle you guys! I went head to head with PokePanda with the Shiny Xerneas Tin:


And I must say my pulls were outstanding. I usually have such awesome luck with these and pack battles in general. So very cool to be able to use this beauty.

My first pack had zilch and I Was a little scared but it came back with the remaining three packs… and boom, boom, boom! πŸ˜€



All in all, I scored 08 points and couldn’t be happier. Watch my video here and don’t forget to check his out to see the winner!


Pack battle pulls

Click this link to take a look at the pack battle.

Since we were using different pack battle point system, I can’t be entirely sure that I calculated correctly but meh! It’s about having the fun of it.

I got some really cool cards, though!

Here’s 2 of the rares I got:


And then the Chesnaught BREAK, along withΒ the main prize, Mega Houndoom EX. I was just thinking the other day, I needed him… hahaha. Funny how the world works.


And check out the Zygarde EX promo… is it me, or does it look slightly off-center? That makes it so much more awesome πŸ™‚

Thanks for watching!

Uploading right now… Mega Monday Melee Ep 04

So it’s late… I’m sorry. But I will beat midnight before it’s not Monday anymore πŸ˜€ At least in my time zone lol.

We are using the Zygarde EX tin.


My opponent is DACRAZYCARDCOLLECTOR ( YouTube | Instagram )

Have fun watching when it hits!

Pack battle aftermath

Man that is some intense stuff. Even though my video was late (and yes I’m sorry), I think the battle was pretty intense. I was able to score points with every pack so that was definitely amazing. I am glad I was able to score so many points. I can’t wait to see how the other guys do. Click here for my video.

While we wait, let’s see the pulls, yes?

Here’s the dudes that helped me out.


If you saw the video, you saw how stoked I was for Giratina…wow. I fell in love with that PokΓ©mon after I saw the movie. He’s so badass and to have him as a full art is even better. πŸ™‚


And here is a close up of that Latios promo.

Let’s see how everyone else does!

Mega Monday Melee Ep 03!

It’s that time again ladies and gents. We have ourselves another pack battle! This time it will be a 3 way match up!

Last week, I beat THESUPERIORJUNYOR ( Instagram | YouTube ) and guess what, he wanted a rematch! So I’m giving it to him but that’s not all, we’ve added one more person to the mix!

The lovely ESPEON.LOVE ( Instagram | YouTube ) will also be joining us!

What are we doing, you ask? Well, it’s going to be some more legendary action, of course.

I have my trusty Latios tin, TSJ is going with a Rayquaza tin and E.L is going with a Hoopa tin. These 3 make up the “Powers Beyond” trio. We’re going to see who comes out on top.

You won’t want to miss it. The video will probably be live Monday evening.


Sick pack battle!

So if you saw my video, it was pretty lit. Check it out here if you haven’t already seen it.

What to say?

I had some awesome luck in this pack battle and ended up totaling 9 points! That’s really a good number in the pack battling world so hopefully it’ll be enough to take down some folks!

Check this link to the last blog for my opponents’ respective sites.

Let’s talk pulls! Had some pretty awesome ones here.


You could probably say that those 2 ex’s were game changers. They are worth 3 points a piece so that really helped me out. Raichu was 2 and Parasect was 1. And I scored on 3 out of the 4 packs I had. So very good odds there.

Here’s some of the reverses and other pulls:


These aren’t worth any points in the battle but that Pikachu is such an awesome card.

Hopefully we had the edge in this video. Keep checking out for other updates.

Mega Monday Melee!

aka, Pack battles on a Monday. That’s right, ya’ll! It’s starting. From this Monday forth, I will be having pack battle match ups with different instagram or YouTube or wherever else there is a Pokemon trainer available.

Ok, yes I realize today is Tuesday… I was a day late… sue me!

But this will be an epic one for sure! For my first official pack battle series on my channel, I will not be battle just 1 trainer… it’s going to be against 3 of them! Yes! We are having a 4-way pack battle! THAT’S UNHEARD OF! Maybe we are the first? Who knows but it’s freakin’ awesome nonetheless.

My opponents? Well, let’s meet them eh?

First up, it is BURGERSAUR. Links >>> His Insta | His YouTube

You may remember that name, yes? He was my first ever pack battle and I totally demolished him. πŸ˜‰ His pack battle day is on Thursdays.

Second, we have BYLVEON. Her Insta | Her YouTube

One of the first people I got to talking with when I first joined up the #PokemonCommunity. She posts Tuesdays.

And third, PIKACHUS_TRAINER_. His Insta | His YouTube

Actually just met him but he seems like a cool guy. And unfortunately, I’m not sure which day he will post so we will have to be watching for it!

Can’t wait for you all to see who the winner is. I am stoked to win this. And maybe I will πŸ˜‰

And here’s a little preview of what we will be battling with:


My video will be live roughly 3pm AZ time. Check back soon!